Electronics, Pixels

ESPixelPOPs with WLED

While the ESPixelStick firmware is fantastic for streaming E1.31 animations on your ESPIxelOPs controller, you may find that you have a simpler project and don’t want to bother with the complication of using Xlights or Vixen. While the ESPixelStick firmware does have some canned test sequences, you may want something…

Electronics, Pixels


Need to drive some Pixels (or DMX) using E1.31 over Wi-Fi? Then the ESPixelPOPs is for you. It’s a simplified version of the ESPixelStick and runs the ESPixelStick firmware. You can drive up to 680 (4 DMX Universes) of WS2811 style pixels or 512 channels (1 DMX universe) of DMX data….


SMD Soldering

Over the years I have used various ways (hot plate and hot air gun) to solder SMD parts but eventually determined that using a reflow oven work be best. Here is some information of my toaster reflow oven build and how I setup a solder paste dispenser. You’ll find more…